Overview Edit

Magical ability is most greatly influenced by genetics. Various types will run in families, with concentrations of skills also often affected. The various countries also have differing balances of each magic type.

Known Magic Types Edit

Type Edit

Specialization Edit

Description Edit

Known Users Edit

Uses Spells? Edit

Energy Lightning William No
Energy Fire Jay; Unknown Fire Spirit No
Formulations Illusions Otto Yes
Formulations Light Creations Rarely
Energy Exchange Healer Flora Rarely
Energy Exchange Botanist Willow No
Quantum Magic Slow/Stopping Time Lucina Yes
Quantum Magic Atom Exchange Emelles, Eluski'fngari, and Matilda Yes
Quantum Magic Teleportation Braken Yes
Other Magical Dampening Len No
Other Necromancy Irina No
Forced Magic Dark Magic William No

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